Historical Record Book 2019-2021 in preparation

Applications for Volume XXII of the ASTC Historical Record Book were mailed this past Saturday to owners of all Shih Tzu that earned AKC titles in conformation or performance in 2019, 2020, or 2021 according to AKC records. If you do not receive an application for a Shih Tzu that earned a title during this period, contact the editor, who will send you a blank application. It is unfortunate but, even though title certificates were mailed to owners, dogs’ names with the dates of their new titles did not always get included on AKC monthly reports which are used to determine eligibility. Also, if you co-owned a dog with someone not of your household, the application would have been sent to the address AKC has on file for that dog. Membership in the American Shih Tzu Club is not a requirement for participation.

DEADLINE IS MAY 20, 2022. Extensions can be arranged with the editor for serious reasons.

Register of Merit applications, which only go to members, were mailed yesterday. DEADLINE FOR THESE IS JUNE 1, 2020.

Madonna Holko, Editor