A Puppy For Christmas?

Most reputable breeders are reluctant to allow people to introduce a new dog into their household during the holidays. Instead they recommend that good books on our breed or basic books on dog training be placed under the tree, along with items you will need for your new arrival such as a food bowl, travel carrier, leash, brush and comb, and some pictures of the new canine resident-to-be. The holidays are chaotic times at best, and a puppy is likely to get lost in the shuffle at the time it most needs its new owners’ undivided attention.

A puppy (or an adult dog) should NEVER be a surprise gift, holidays or no. It is a living thing that will be part of someone’s family for many years to come. You need to be sure that the recipient (and his or her entire household) actually want and are able to care for a dog in general, and a Shih Tzu in particular. Far too many “Christmas puppies' wind up in animal shelters once the holidays are over because the giver didn't take the time to think things through.

Also, dogs are not "bred to order." Most breeders don't have puppies all the time, and bitches don't come in season like clockwork to have puppies just the right age to leave at Christmas. The right dog is worth waiting for, and the search can liven the often-dreary months after the holidays. There are many articles on this web site that will help you in your search.