2020 ASTC Specialty Cancelled (updated April 3, 2020)

In concern for everyone’s health and safety, the ASTC Board of Directors voted to cancel our May 2020 National events in Myrtle Beach, SC.

There is no need to cancel if you made individual 2020 hotel reservations as members of the astc. All rooms in the astc block have been cancelled by the hotel and the person making the reservations should have been notified of that fact by the hotel. Kudos to the Sheraton/Marriott Corporation, which totally released us from our contractual cancellation obligation of over $38,000. Remember their kindness and compassion for any of your future travels.

MB-F will refund any entries you made for the show provided you notify them prior to the April 24 closing date. Click here for the procedure to cancel.

All credit card and check payments that had been processed by the astc treasurer for advertising, vendor space, reserved grooming, and preorders (dinners, tee shirts, etc.) have been refunded. As it became evident we might have to consider cancelling the national, orders for these items were held. The unprocessed checks and credit card information for these items have now been shredded and will not appear on your statements.

Trophy and hospitality donations for 2020 are being rolled over for the 2021 national. Raffle and welcome bag items and material already in South Carolina will be sent as suitable to Oklahoma. Thank you all for your generosity!

For 2021 we are planning a four-show week, May 11-14, with two regional specialties, the National, two obedience and rally trials, a local specialty hosted by the trinity valley Shih Tzu club at the same facility in Midwest City, Oklahoma, that we used in 2018. Onofrio will superintend. Agility trials will be held at a nearby facility. Maybe you would like to enter some of the dogs you had planned to bring to Myrtle Beach in a cut-down competition in 2021? Other thoughts?

More information about the 2021 national will be coming soon via the website and the astc Facebook page. Please let your board members know if there is anything we can do for you now.

Thank you for your patience and please stay well. This is a difficult time for all of us.