ASTC Charitable Trust

It is devastating when the Shih Tzu you love is afflicted with a life threatening disease - like renal dysplasia. But, there is a way you, as an owner or a Shih Tzu enthusiast, can help improve the health of the Shih Tzu breed. Give a meaningful tax-deductible donation to the ASTC Charitable Trust.

The ASTC Charitable Trust, a tax deductible (501(c)3) organization, was established in 2000 to support health research and educational activities for the betterment of the Shih Tzu breed. Past contributions have made possible research on renal dysplasia in Shih Tzu. More information about this disease, which affects other breeds as well as Shih Tzu, can be found in the Health section of this website.

The Trust has or is currently funding research into additional problems, such as portal systemic shunt, identifying genes that cause male infertility, cystinuria (the buildup of crystine crystals or stones in the kidneys and bladder), and antigenetic causes of vaccine associated allergic reactions in dogs through the AKC Canine Health Foundation. Some of this research is being funded with monies received by the Trust from the Purina Parent Club Partnership (click here), which donated more than $3,200 to the ASTC Charitable Trust in 2019. An equal amount was donated by Purina to the AKC Canine Health Foundation for research benefitting Shih Tzu.

The ASTC Board of Directors has appointed the following persons to manage the ASTC Charitable Trust:

DIRECTORS - Dan Haley | Carlene Snyder | Debora Wheeler
TREASURER - Pat Thomas

How To Donate to the ASTC Charitable Trust
You can contribute to this worthy cause by contacting the Trust Treasurer via e-mail:

Mail check (payable to ASTC Charitable Trust) to:
ASTC Charitable Trust
c/o Patricia Thomas
3937 Upolo Lane
Naples, FL 34119
Phone 503 803 1948

Pay by credit card by telephone only
503 803 1948

ASTC Supports Canine Health Research

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Grant 01658: Early Detection of Chronic Kidney Disease to Prevent Kidney Damage | Grant Amount: $80,000.00 Click HERE to read full Progress Report Summary

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