Current Spay Neuter Advice

by Nancy Kay, DVM

Dear friend,

Greetings from this long lost blogger! Rest assured, I’ve not been sitting idle. Rather, I’ve been building a website called Spay Neuter Advice that I want to share with you.

Since the publication of recent research highlighting some drawbacks to canine spay/neuter, particularly when performed at a young age, I’ve been fielding lots of questions from folks trying to figure out what to do in terms of neutering/sterilizing their own dogs. In responding to these inquiries, my first objective is always to determine if the dog is managed responsibly enough to prevent unintentional breeding. If not, I recommend neutering or sterilization. Prevention of unwanted litters trumps all other concerns. Period!

And, what about responsibly owned dogs? Based on what we now know, determining if, when, and how these dogs should be neutered or sterilized are no longer simple decisions. I’ve created to help people navigate this decision-making process. In addition to summarizing recent spay/neuter research, my website provides a glossary of spay/neuter/sterilization terminology, an algorithm to help make the best choice possible, and a description of various spay/neuter/sterilization surgeries (and there are several to choose from these days).

I invite you to visit and snoop around a bit. And, by all means, please provide me with your feedback. Thanks very much and feel free to share this site with all the dog lovers in your life.

Warm best wishes,

Dr. Nancy Kay, DVM Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine.
Recipient, American Animal Hospital Association 2009 Animal Welfare and Humane Ethics Award Recipient, 2009 Dog Writers Association of America Award for Best Blog Recipient, 2009 Eukanuba Canine Health Award

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