Tip: Some Toys Can Pose Choking Hazards

Some toys are too dangerous to give to your Shih Tzu. The one pictured has threads that can be pulled loose and choke your dog. Glued on trim and glass eyes on stuffed dogs can easily be removed, and stuffing can be removed from those that are flimsily made. Rawhide chewies and greenies also pose choking hazards for Shih Tzu. Softened rawhide can be swallowed or become tangled in face furnishings so they also get chewed. while greenies can be splintered into dangerous pieces by a determined chewer.
If you have a teething Shih Tzu puppy, Nylabones, Kongs, and sturdily made fabric toys for teething puppies that can be frozen to cool swollen gums are some of your best options.