Tips For Future AKC Meet The Breeds Volunteers


The first AKC Meet the Breeds of 2022 was held in June at the Tampa Convention Center. A special thank you to Kathy Connelly, Jennie Currie, Janice Wilson, Alex Rolon, Javier Diaz, and Angel Diaz, all members of the Shih Tzu Fanciers of Central Florida, who brought dogs and expertise to the Shih Tzu booth. The new backdrop is very striking, and it is a lot less work when you don’t have to decorate the booth as well as bring dogs! This is great socialization for puppies, and you should bring dogs in cute clips and at least one in coat that can be used to demonstrate how to brush and put in a topknot. A lightweight small exercise pen was very helpful for containing the puppies while making them accessible to children. Showing how to do a topknot will draw a crowd. Because there will be many people looking for a Shih Tzu, be sure to compile a list of active local and national club members in the area who are actively breeding. Many visitors want to share stories about their own Shih Tzu, and have questions about grooming and other issues.

If you are willing to volunteer at future AKC Meet The Breeds, please contact Melody Campbell ( so a Shih Tzu booth can be registered.

The AKC provides the backdrop, two tables, four chairs, a stipend to cover meals and gas and tolls, and a supply of the Shih Tzu brochure prepared by the ASTC that they mail with every Shih Tzu registration. We suggest that anyone wishing to volunteer for this or other similar events make copies of the ASTC handouts listed below, which cover the questions visitors are most likely to ask.

  • Breed Standard
  • Pet Haircuts
  • Why Buy A Purebred Dog
  • Why Not Designer Dogs?
  • The Facts About Imperial Shih Tzu
  • Color - Sex - Age - or Size
  • When You Bring Your New Shih Tzu Home
  • Grooming the Companion Dog