NO To Pet Stores

A WORD ABOUT PET STORES - from the American Shih Tzu Club, Inc.

  • Please DO NOT buy a dog from a pet store.

  • Research the breed and buy your dog from a responsible breeder whom you have interviewed thoroughly and/or visited.

  • Remember that buying a Shih Tzu (or any dog) should not be an impulse purchase; this is a living animal that will be an important part of your life for many years to come.

  • You should expect a responsible breeder to have dogs that are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC), perform appropriate health screenings on breeding stock, and be knowledgeable enough to mentor the new owners. A responsible breeder does not sell entire litters to pet shops for resale; he or she wants to be sure the puppies they breed find appropriate homes where they will be loved and well cared for their entire lives.

  • For a breeder in your area, please contact the American Shih Tzu Club breeder referral. Members of this committee can put you in touch with breeders in your city or state. If you are interested in adopting a Shih Tzu that needs a home, this site also contains ASTC Rescue contacts.

  • Take the time to learn more about the Shih Tzu by exploring this web site. Learn about the characteristics of Shih Tzu and what it's like living with them, the breed standard that describes the ideal Shih Tzu, and the club's views on so called "Imperial" Shih Tzu and designer dogs. This will help you decide whether you are ready to add a Shih Tzu (or any other breed) to your life.

  • We at the American Shih Tzu Club believe that the best Shih Tzu owner is an informed Shih Tzu owner.