REVISED ASTC RESCUE FUND GUIDELINES (Board Approved on October 15, 2018)

ASTC Member Clubs may submit receipts for rescue dog expenses of up to $350 up to three times each year.

Members of the ASTC Rescue Committee may be reimbursed for up to $350 in expenses for a rescue dog provided:
  1. The Rescue Committee Chair is made aware that they have a rescue dog.
  2. The Rescue Committee Chair should be advised when they are going to a vet and for what reason.
  3. Paid receipts are submitted to the Rescue Committee Chair.

ASTC members who are not members of the ASTC Rescue Committee may qualify for direct payment to a veterinarian for up to $350 in expenses for a rescue dog provided:
  1. A dog is not considered a “rescue” if it is one of their breeding and/or a dog they sold and are taking back. That is being responsible, not rescuing.
  2. If they do get a rescue and if they go to their vet, they need to let the ASTC Rescue Committee Chair know ahead of time and receive authorization.
  3. The ASTC Rescue Fund will pay the veterinarian directly up to $350. The ASTC will not directly reimburse an individual ASTC member for the expenses of a rescue dog unless they are on the Rescue Committee.

Greater expenses that may be involved in multi-dog rescues must be approved by the ASTC Board of Directors.

Up to $350 from the Rescue Fund may be used for the placement of dogs belonging to an ASTC member who dies unexpectedly. Board approval is needed if additional funds are requested.

Club funds are to be used for Shih Tzu rescues only. If the ASTC rescue account lacks sufficient funds to reimburse rescue expenses as described above, the ASTC Charitable Trust Board may authorize the transfer of funds from the Trust to the rescue account, with Board approval.