Show Shih Tzu Top Knots

by Jennifer Lynn Winship

Make sure the hair on head and face is completely dry. With parting comb, part off the section in front from the outer edge of each eye and not very far back.

Gently tease this section.

Slowly smooth the front section straight up using a parting comb.

I then attach a band about 3/4 inch above the top of the scalp. Wrap band two to three times around the topknot.

This is the critical step. Gently grab 8-10 hairs from the middle of the scalp firmly. This creates a lovely poof. Using your comb, smooth any wispies. Us the rat-tail to pull out the front of the topknot if you want more poof.

Next I use Sticky Ticky to paste up any stray hairs. After the hair dries, I attach the bow.

Then I part the back section. if the dog's head is small or sparse in topknot, I part back quite far. I generally round off the back section.

I band the back in the same manner as the front, but when I pull the middle hairs, I pull them toward the front of the head.

Attaching the front topknot to the back depends on the length and volume of hair. On a puppy, I don't attach them. On a medium weight topknot, I connect the back half of the front topknot to the front half of the back topknot with a band.

I then use a small curling iron and curl the entire topknot in small sections. Let the curls cool off, then gently comb through and tease. Comb carefully over the top to shape. Depending on who's judging, I use a small amount of light hairspray to keep in place.

With careful practice, you'll end up with a beautiful, secure topknot like this.