Debora Wheeler Becomes ASTC Life Member

By Pat Thomas, Life Member

Deb joined ASTC in 1994; in those 29 years, she has provided exceptional service to the American Shih Tzu Club.

Prior to joining ASTC, Deb and her father had a Shih Tzu rescue serving the Northeast states. She has never lost her love of helping our breed and served on the ASTC Rescue Committee for many years.

As her education and employment is in the field of fiscal responsibility, Deb has proven to be an outstanding asset to our club. Though her effects she has collected thousands of dollars for ASTC.

  • As a new member, she was the Commercial Editor for the ASTC Bulletin for three different editors; she obtained numerous well-paying on-going commercial ads. She also collected the committee chair’s reports for the Bulletin and was a long-time member of the Bulletin Committee.
  • As a member of the ASTC National Specialty Advisors Committee, she worked tirelessly to ensure that the 2016 National Specialty was financially profitable. She collected over $10,000 in trophy donations, personally paid for and sold garden flags imprinted with the 2016 logo (all monies donated to the club) and solicited hospitality donations.
  • Deb served as ASTC treasurer for nine plus years. She also served as a director for a few months in early 2019; when the treasurer resigned at the National that year, Deb agreed to step-up knowing she had her work cut out for her.
  • Deb is currently a Director of ASTC Charitable Trust; a position she has held for four years.
  • She is a long- time member of the ASTC Budget Committee; she has assisted several new treasurers in that office.

  • In addition to all the positions she has held, Deb has donated hours upon hours of time working for ASTC.

  • As a member of the ASTC Announcement Committee, Deb has posted all announcements on the club’s Facebook page and answered all Facebook Messages for about five years.
  • Deb and her husband, Gary helped with setup and teardown at numerous ASTC Agility Trials.
  • She has attended every National since 1994 (except the year her father died the week before the 2001 National until her concussion restrictions for travel). She worked filling goody bags, working the raffle tables, helping to set up/break down, etc.

  • While Deb was donating her time to ASTC, she was extremely generous with her pocketbook as well to support the club.

  • She purchased color pages and covers of her agility and conformation champions in the Bulletin.
  • She donated trophy and hospitality funds for National Specialties.
  • She bought catalogs, sweatshirts, logo pins and banquet tickets while at the National.
  • She bid on and won several high-end items at ASTC Charitable Trust Auction.

  • In her almost 30 years of ASTC membership, Debora Wheeler has generously shared her expertise, time and money. She is a prime example of an ASTC Life Member.