General Education

Selected Articles of interest if you love dogs and/or own a Shih Tzu or any other breed.

  1. A Puppy For Christmas
  2. Do You Know The Real PETA & Humane Society of the United States
  3. Low Cost Spay-Neutering
  4. Holiday Hazards
  5. Senior Dogs: Aging Gracefully
  6. Be Prepared When the Unexpected Happens: A Tiny Microchip Provides Advantage
  7. The Dog Food Dilemma
  8. Potentially Dangerous Animal Owners
  9. Shih Tzu Lover's Wish List
  10. Veterinarian Speaks Out on PETA and Westminster
  11. Ka-Ching! The Hoax We Call The Animal Rights (Radical) Movement
  12. Could Dogs Be The Next Endangered Species?
  13. Why Not Designer Dogs?
  14. Disaster Preparedness: A Primer
  15. Why Buy A Purebred Dog
  16. How Our Pets Can Reduce Our Stresses and Anxieties
  17. Tips for Holiday Safety
  18. Why Some Pet Photos Make Me Nervous | Advice About Children and Pets
  19. Time Magazine and Designer Dogs
  20. Choosing A Handler
  21. This Could Mean Life or Death for Your Pet… Are You Ready?
  22. NAIA Study Confirms Fewer Dogs, Scarce Purebreds In US Animal Shelters
  23. Helping Dogs Left in Hot Cars
  24. Rescue Organization or Animal Hoarder?
  25. American Animal Hospital Association - Behavior Tips
  26. Kids Caring for Pets: Fantasy or Reality?
  27. Photographing Your Dog
  28. Dangerous Chew Toys
  29. Leaving Your Pet When You Travel
  30. Choosing Safe Dog Toys
  31. Canine Compulsive Disorder
  32. Why Pet Shop Laws Affect You
  33. The Mistakes Dog Owners Make About Separation Anxiety
  34. Debarking Dogs
  35. Thanksgiving Tips For Pets
  36. How To Build Your Pet's Emergency Kit
  37. 7 Facts About Snakes and Lizards Dog Owners Should Know
  38. How Dogs Have Evolved to Have Human-Like Faces