The Illustrated Guide To The Shih Tzu Standard | Forequarters

CONTENTS: Front Cover | Preface | History | Anatomy | Standard | General Appearance | Size, Substance | Proportion | Head | Neck, Body | Topline | Tail | FOREQUARTERS | Hindquarters | Coat, Trimming, Color, and Markings | Gait

SHOULDERS – Well-angulated, well laid-back, well laid-in, fitting smoothly into body. CLARIFICATION: The shoulders should not be loaded (excessive development of muscles on the outside of the shoulder blade) or so straight that they protrude from the topline and interrupt the smooth transition from the neck, to the shoulder, to the withers.

LEGS – Straight, well-boned, muscular, set well-apart and under chest, with elbows set close to body. CLARIFICATION: The front legs should be straight from the elbow to the pasterns. The forelegs should be well-boned, muscular, and well set apart to support the broad, deep chest. The elbows should never be out or loose.

PASTERNS – Strong, perpendicular. CLARIFICATIONS: There must be some flex in the pasterns as it contributes to the ease of the trotting gait.

DEWCLAWS – May be removed.

FEET – Firm, well-padded, point straight ahead. CLARIFICATION: The feet should be well-cushioned, and thick, and the paw pads should be rough. The foot is not a part of the leg and may toe out very slightly.